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Betterman - Product Review and Information

BetterManis Highly Effective in Improving Male Potency

  • BettermanImproves Sexual Performance

  • Promotes Urinary Control

  • No Side Effects

  • No Stimulants

  • Clinically Tested

  • Scientifically Proven

  • Doctor and Pharmacist Recommended

Betterman Research Report:

Latest Scientific Study Confirms BetterMAN Is Highly Effective in Countering Erectile Dysfunction

Study was conducted by urologist and leading impotence researcher Tom Lue, M.D., Professor of Urology at University of California, San Francisco, and published inThe Journal of Urology, November 2000 Issue.

Rats developed erectile dysfunction after fed 1% cholesterol diet for 4 months. BetterMAN™ was fed to a treatment group. Although serum cholesterol levels were similar in the cholesterol only rats and those treated with BetterMAN, erectile response was significantly better in the treated group. The mechanism of BetterMAN is unknown. High level of basic fibroblast growth factor(bFGF) and caveolin-I expression in the treated group may protect the cavernous smooth muscle and endothelial cells from the harmful effect of high serum cholesterol.

The study confirms that BetterMAN is highly effective and its effects are not psychological but physiological. The study also indicates that BetterMAN, can protect penile tissues from the harmful damages caused by high serum cholesterol level.

10-year Chinese Study of 5,000 Men Supports Sexual Health Benefitsonbeach.jpg (6340 bytes)

Over a ten-year period, 5,000 Chinese men between the ages of 35 and 65, were recommended BetterMAN by physicians to help with issues surrounding sexual performance, sex drive and early ejaculation. After 3 bottles of BetterMAN , the men in the study reported the following positive outcomes:

  • Ability to attain an erection upon excitement
  • Ability to sustain an erection
  • Ability to delay ejaculation
  • Better urinary control
  • Overall well being

Among the study participants, 95% reported various degrees of enhancement of sexual performance, with 75% reporting high satisfaction. The sexual health benefits of BetterMAN began to manifest after bottles. There were no reported allergic reactions, adverse events, or drug interactions for those persons taking other medications (of Chinese origin).

A follow up study of 50 Chinese men who continued to take BetterMAN for three years showed no side effects. These individuals experienced enhanced energy, improved overall well being, slowed aging process, and the maintenance of desirable sexual performance levels.

U.S. Study Confirms Chinese Results: 70% Effective for Improving Sex Drive and/or Urinary Control

In the U.S. study in 1997-98, modeled after Harvard Medical School brief sexual function inventory for measuring male sexual function (Michael O'Leary M.D. et al. Urology 46:704, 1995), 45 men over 45 years of age participated. The survey design used quantitative measure pre-post three cycles of BetterMAN™, conducted by a third party. Dosage was 2 capsules, 2x/day, 3 days without capsules. Repeat two more cycles.

The following results were tabulated:

  • Improved either sexual or urinary functions 70%
  • Improved sexual functions 60%
  • Improved urinary functions 80%

Percentage of participants noticing improvements in sexual drive and performance:

25% after 1st bottle
55% after 2nd bottles
70% after 3rd bottle

Increases in the following measures were noted (% increase of pre-post means):

58% Erection lasting as long as wished
54% Overall satisfaction with sex life
48% Partial or full sexual erections when sexually stimulated
41% Ejaculations occurring at the time hoped
32% Erections firm enough for sexual intercourse
31% Level of sexual drive
26% Felt sexual drive

Satisfied participants: After the study was completed, 90% of men in the study elected to continue dietary supplementation with BetterMAN™.

Incidence of side effects or adverse reactions: 0%

"BetterMAN significantly improved in many patients, who participated the study, both in terms of their libido and sexual functions, as well as surprisingly improved their urinary symptoms."

- Thomas E. Kingston, M.D., Urologist, Salem Hospital, Massachusetts

(From "RESULTS FROM THE BetterMAN PRODUCT SURVEY", March 1998 by Pathfinder Research Group, Acton, Massachusetts. BetterMAN, formerly NuMAN)

Safety data: BetterMAN™ has a 50 year history of clinical use in China as well as years of use, and millions of doses taken by men in the United States. Without reported allergic reactions or adverse events. To ensure a high quality product, all herbs used in BetterMAN™ are tested for heavy metal contamination, and manufactured in the United States according to Good Manufacturing Practices.

Toxicological Tests: mice fed 300 times the human dose showed no adverse effects or abnormalities when compared to the control group.

Betterman Testimonials

Here are a few selected testimonials from doctors, pharmacists, and BetterMAN™ users. To be part of these success stories, just order today!

From Health Care Professionals

Lawrence E. Dorman, Doctor of Osteopathy, Applewood Medical Center, Independence, Missouri --"We have treated over 300 patients with BetterMAN™. We have used many products in the past 30 years, but have found BetterMAN™ to be the best natural product presently on the market to treat male impotency and urination symptoms."

Thomas E. Kingston, M.D., Urologist, Urology Associates, Salem Hospital, Massachusetts -- "BetterMAN™ significantly improved in many patients both their libido and sexual functions, as well as surprisingly improved their urinary symptoms."

Gary Kracoff, R., Ph., Health & Wellness Center at Johnson Drugs, Boston, Massachusetts -- "BetterMAN™   works. Men and their spouses are telling us.."

Arnold Gitomer, R.Ph., Willner Chemists, New York City-- "BetterMAN™ is the most successful product for men's sexual health that I've ever had the pleasure of recommending at Willner Chemists."

Lester R. Carter, R.Ph., Carter Drugs, Milwaukee, Wisconsin--"The feedback on BetterMANhas been phenomenal especially in the men for improving prostate health as well as associated erectile dysfunction problems. I would highly recommend this product to every man experiencing these problems."

From Betterman Users

Jim (late 30's, enhancing sexual performance) "My girlfriend bought the first three bottles of BetterMAN for me. I am now on my 6th bottle. Now she asks "Tonight again?"

Jack (mid 40's, improving sexual function) "My urologist introduced me to BetterMAN™ for my impotence problem. In the first month, I saw no effect. By the second month, I began to suspect that there was change. My erection seemed to have a life of its own! That was novel! Since taking BetterMAN, my erections have been generally stronger, my confidence and hope greatly boosted and my libido greatly enhanced."

Lenny (mid 50's, improved sexual function) "Five years ago, I had been experiencing a very gradual increase in the frequency of impotence, as is probably the case with many men in their fifties. When the problem arose (failed to arise) about 50% of the time, I became concerned, and thought about medical help. Then cancer struck my spouse and my physical problems seemed minor, and I ignored them for four years until she died last year."

At the present time, I have no intimate relationships. However, I decided to try BetterMAN in the hopes of improving my sexual health in the future. I have noticed some very definite physical changes.

I do have a greatly increased incidence of spontaneous erection, which used to occur two to three times a week, and now occurs once or twice per day, especially upon waking. They are full, long-lasting erections. This is a completely new event, and very encouraging to me regarding the future."

Don (late 50's, decreasing for frequent nighttime urination) "I am 59 years old and, like many men my age, have an enlarged prostate, which was frequently forcing me to get up in the middle of the night in order to urinate. I began using BetterMAN™ a few weeks ago and am now sleeping comfortably through the night! What a Godsend! I would recommend this wonderful herbal product to anyone with the same problem."

George (early 70's, improving sexual function) "Three years ago, I thought I was getting old ‚ when it came to sex life, nothing was not connecting. My urologist told I needed some supplement and introduced me BetterMAN. After 2 bottles, I noticed a big difference. My sex life became much more frequent as if I was in my 40's. I have been taking BetterMAN ever since. No side effects at all. BetterMAN is exactly what my wife and I need to put our sex life back on track."

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