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Special Thanks for Help in Creating

Special Thanks in the Creation of has been fully constructed and online since August 1, 2003. I had registered the domain in early 2002, but it remained online basically empty for a year and a half until I spent the summer of 2003 uploading all the content and creating the site navigation system. Since then, traffic has blown up. Check out the overall number of pages read each month, all the way up to October (complete month of October shown up to the 29th). Up until July 2003, there were well under 1,000 pages read each month. In July, there were 6,369 pages read, but this was largely composed of me editing the site. Finally when it was released in August of 2003, it had 24,335 pages read, and each month since has been greater than the last! I expect even more traffic in the months and years to come. Eventually, I want the site to become one of the most popular bodybuilding sites online. This can happen if you, the visitors, help me out by spreading the word about the site to your friends and fellow bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Monthly Growth Chart: Site Growth

Check out Archived Copies of the Site: Copies.

Of course, would not be here without the help of some of my friends, who assisted me in making the site what it is today. I'll use this article to give props, in no particular order, to the two people who helped me (and ultimately the site) out the most. I have tried to include flattering pictures where possible MSN Wink Smiley

Click the images for a larger picture:

John Benson

John is attending first year at Confederation College. John deserves the credit for teaching me how to program in HTML and learn the basics in some other languages that I've used where needed on the site. He also helped me to set up the templates which make up the majority I use for quick editing, as well as sort through some of the bed bugs of the site found early on. All of this has helped the site to run smoothly ever since. John was also kind enough to let me steal the template which is now the index page for the site - Click to See the Template I stole from John.

Matt: Hey, do you have a template I can use for BodybuildingPro?

John: Yeah, I have THIS ONE.

Matt: Looks good, I'll take it.

John: Uh...ok.

As you can see, I had no concern for making the site flashy. I just wanted to keep everything as simple as possible and easy to navigate. Needless to say, the template John designed did the job just fine.

Herman Hanschke

Herman is a 3rd year computer science major at Lakehead University. I owe Herman a great deal of credit. Herman is the site administrator and owns the server where the site is located - Herman allows me unlimited space and bandwidth at a friendly rate. As a result, a large portion of site earnings go towards upgrades to keep up with the new traffic and to not overburden Herman's servers out of respect for his other clients. Herman has never failed in providing help whenever it was needed, and his friendship has been unfailing. Simply put, would not exist if it wasn't for Herman.

Kevin Sidlar

Also known as "The Thinking Man's Computer Tech", Kevin is the person to talk to when you have any question about...well, anything. He has three electronics diplomas from Confederation College and can help me out with anything that Herman & John aren't able to. He is a good debugger and has helped me sort through odds and ends of the site frequently in the past.

So, to sum it up, this website would not be around if not for the help of my three friends John, Herman, & Kevin. They continually help me out when need be, and I pay them for their services because it is well deserved. Well, other than Kevin, who I haven't paid a dime, but, uh, I bought him a beer at Pizza Hut once or twice.

Need to find Web Designers?

Herman, John & I also work as webmasters. Between the three of us we have quite the the resume of websites:

Note: Most of these projects are new and still under construction. Check back soon for more updates. will eventually be the site that the three of us use to display all of our web work and advertise our services. So check back often. The three of us are highly skilled and competent webmasters and quite enjoy what we do. Send us an e-mail if you are interested in having us work for you.

Contact Herman & John

E-Mail John:

E-Mail Herman:

Take care,

Matt Canning

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