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BODYBUILDINGPRO.COM - Traffic Report for June 2005 - Server Traffic Report for June 2005 has been continuing to expand - and is currently at a little over 3,000 unique visitors a day, with some days closer to 4,000. Bandwidth consumption has gone up in proportion to that increase in traffic, now roughly reaching one gigabyte each day (click the photo below to enlarge it). Bandwidth has gone up in large part due to our main site picture gallery as well as our forum picture gallery. I may eventually set it so that the photo gallery photos only appear when clicked on, or that the pictures are viewable to registered members only. That will probably also help increase member registration as per my recent article on the topic.

Quite frankly, I want the site to grow as large as possible, so spread the word! I would be happy with 100,000 visitors each day. There is a ridiculous amount of content on this site for 4,000 visitors a day, and I know it can support more traffic comfortably - it isn't a small site, so I wouldn't expect a small number of unique visitors, and to me, the more the better. Traffic Stats - June 2005 - Report for June 2005

Unforunately, the page rank on ALEXA has gone down since the December 2004 report, where the website ranked 117,927 as seen in THIS PICTURE. Hopefully I can get it back up to that level in the near future. The content has probably doubled since that time, but for the life of me, I can't figure out exactly what it takes to please GOOGLE - once I do, I expect to see traffic blowing up. Traffic Stats from - June 2005

CLICK HERE to check out this page up to date on the official ALEXA website!

CLICK HERE to check out the ALEXA info on from December 2004.

More Stats

Here are some of the general traffic stats for the site. February was a terribly bad month, with only 26,515 unique visitors for the entire month. Ouch. This month should hit over 70,000 again. Keep in mind that while there are over 3,000 unique visitors each day on the site, some of them come back the next day, or later that week or month, so that they are included as unique visitors for those particular days as well. The total count for the month (projected 70,000) are total unique visitors and do not include the ones who visit more than once during the month. You can also check out the gigs of bandwidth being used, just click to enlarge. General Traffic Stats from - June 2005

General Ramble

What can I say? I'm very happy with the current trends and increases in traffic. Ideally, I would like to hit the top 100,000 on ALEXA, and moreover, get traffic to increase in the forums. I have set up the *NEW* video gallery forum for registered members only. In it, you can find great clips provided by and Tech N9ne, among others. It is a great chance for all interested visitors to find out which bodybuilding videos and DVDs are the best to get - you can also check out the reviews section for more help. Video Gallery

Check out more in the Recent Discussion Forums Article.

Support the Growth of

The more support I get for the site, the more time and money I can put into it, and the more I can get it to grow with fresh content you like to see. Right now, I am the only person responsible for BBPRO and it's a lot of work to try to make this site bigger and better in this situation. I would like to eventually set up a deal where I will have people write for the site and give them supplements in trade. But for now, this is not economically feasible.

Below are the different ways you can support

~~Buy Supplements~~

By buying supplements by clicking this special affiliate ID link, BBPRO gets a 20% commission from There are little flags. This link is available on the main index page, and you will also notice this ad on the top right corner of most pages:


If you are going to shop at anyway, and if you like BBPRO, you may as well click the link and support both sites. Remember, the more revenue I generate, the bigger and better I will make this site, and I am committed to keeping it 100% free, so affiliate sales are a choice on behalf of my visitors. That is one thing I hope can stay forever.

~~Buy Bodybuilding Videos & DVDs~~

BBPRO has teamed up with bodybuilding videos and DVDs. The site gets 20% off every purchase, and you can support both sites by clicking on the link above, or the various banner ads located throughout the site.

Other Items

Other items can be found in the E-BOOKS section. You can also check out the STORE link on the front page.

Image ads appear throughout the site, which are all commissioned. The bigger the site gets, the less ads I will have to put on the site to generate revenue - which is why I want it to grow. Tell your friends! Forum members, visitors, customers - it's all good! When a visitor makes a purchase, this obviously helps me out, but quite frankly, I get a great deal of satisfaction out of just watching the site grow. If you can spread the word I would be very appreciative!

Take care,

Matt Canning

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