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A Fabulous Article on testosterone, Men and Women Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written by A Fabulous Article on testosterone, Men and Women

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A Fabulous Article on Testosterone, Men and Women

I found an outstanding article the other day whilst I was doing some research. The article goes by the name of "The He Hormone" and is an incredible real life account of one mans experience of using testosterone.

Here's the link:- 

And just to wet your appetite here's a few extracts from this very unique article.....

"...The chemical I am putting in myself is synthetic  testosterone: a substance that has become such a metaphor  for manhood that it is almost possible to forget that it  has a physical reality. Twenty years ago, as it surged  through my pubescent body, it deepened my voice, grew hair  on my face and chest, strengthened my limbs, made me a man.  So what, I wonder, is it doing to me now?"

"...At that point I weighed around 165 pounds. I now weigh  185 pounds. My collar size went from a 15 to a 17 1/2 in a  few months; my chest went from 40 to 44. My appetite in  every sense of that word expanded beyond measure. Going  from napping two hours a day, I now rarely sleep in the  daytime and have enough energy for daily workouts and a  hefty work schedule. I can squat more than 400 pounds.  Depression, once a regular feature of my life, is now a  distant memory"

"...The Big T correlates with energy, self-confidence,  competitiveness, tenacity, strength and sexual drive.  When you talk to men in testosterone therapy, several  themes recur. "People talk about extremes," one man in  his late 30's told me. "But that's not what testosterone  does for me. It makes me think more clearly. It makes me  think more positively. It's my Saint Johnswort." A man in  his 20's said: "Usually, I cycle up the hill to my apartment  in 12th gear. In the days after my shot, I ride it easily  in 16th." A 40-year-old executive who took testosterone  for bodybuilding purposes told me: "I walk into a business  meeting now and I just exude self-confidence. I know there  are lots of other reasons for this, but my company has just  exploded since my treatment. I'm on a roll. I feel capable  of almost anything." 


Go read the whole of this fascinating and very controversial article here:- 

From the Ultimate Guide to Anabolic Steroids,

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