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Selecting Training Bands/ Adjustable Bungee Bands for Training the Bench Press
by Charles Poliquin of

Selecting Bench Press Bands Training with bands is a very effective method to improve both maximal strength and power particular for extensor chains. Therefore presses, deadlifts and squat variations benefit greatly from band training. It has been a staple of strength training programs at successful training centers like Highland Strength, the Westside Barbell Club, and the Poliquin Performance Center. Without a doubt, I would recommend the adjustable BNS Bungee Bands System sold at

Note: The Bungee Bands have been discontinued. Taking their place are custom Jump Stretch Bands. The patented BNS Bands System still functions the same as when Charles Poliquin originally endorsed it. (see: BNS Max-Bands Free-Weight Variable Resistance System)

Strength Coach Charles Poliquin

According to Charles Poliquin over regular bands, the adjustable BNS Bands System offers the following advantages:

1. It is easy to adjust in terms of tension provided.

2. It is easy to adjust in terms of mechanical advantage of the trainee. In other words, you can adjust for arm length between different trainees in matters of seconds.

3. You can play more with what sort of resistance curve you want to encounter. For example, if you want to only load the top quarter, you can.

4. The bands glide at the bottom to follow a more natural force expression pattern.

I find it to be a great tool for training both maximal and explosive strength, I currently have Adam Nelson, Olympic silver medalist in shot-put use them to prepare for the Indoor World Championships in next March. He is currently doing a routine where he alternates isometronics in the rack with sets using the bungee bands.

On the most important benefits that training with bands/bungee bands offers is that it teaches the athlete the concept of acceleration. If he or she does not learn to accelerate from the beginning of the concentric contraction, the weight will pin him or her. Update from the Charles Poliquin Newsletter (08/11/2005) Congratulations to our new World Champion and Olympian, shot putter Adam Nelson who over the weekend won his first world title with a throw of 71-3 1/2, his best throw in three years while competing in the World Championships in Helsinki, Finland.

"This has been in the making for 5 years. I lost my first big championships to the great Finnish shot putter Arsi Harju, and now I reach the top here in Finland, so I have come the full circle." Adam Nelson, Gold Medallist and World Champion

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