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2005 IFBB New York Info / Competitor List
Updated: April 1st, 2005

  • Where and when is the show taking place?

      Date: Saturday, May 21st, 2005
      City: New York, New York
      Event Arena: Tribecca Performing Arts at BMCC
      Event Address: 199 Chambers Street
      Ticket Info: 516-933-1111 Steve Weinburger
      Prejudging: 12 Noon (Prices $40)
      Finals: 7:30 PM (Prices $100, $80, $60)

  • Competitor Lists

      Competitor Lists will be finalized soon, but here is a tentative list of who may be appearing. For the Men's pro bodybuilding show, the list includes:

      1. Onder Adsay
      2. Jason Arntz
      3. Paul Baker
      4. Gennaro Brigante
      5. Jimmy Canyon
      6. Darrem Charles
      7. Simon Cohen
      8. Chris Cook
      9. Nelson DaSilva
      10. David Dearth
      11. Andy Dinetta
      12. Charlie Duca
      13. Nasser El Sonbaty
      14. George Farah
      15. Anthony Freeman
      16. Neil Gardner
      17. Ramon Gonzalez
      18. Ahmad Haidar
      19. John Hodgson
      20. Jaroslav Horvath
      21. Pavol Jablonicky
      22. Berry Kabov
      23. Heiko Kallbach
      24. King Kamali
      25. Michal Kindred
      26. Craig Licker
      27. Jeffery Long
      28. Patrick Lynn
      29. Victor Martinez
      30. Scott Milne
      31. Mustafa Mohammad
      32. Caprice Murray
      33. Eric Otero
      34. Jocelyn Pelletier
      35. Mirko Petrovski
      36. Greg Rando
      37. Craig Richardson
      38. Frank Roberson
      39. Heinz Senior
      40. Rudy Soliman
      41. Rodney St. Cloud
      42. Joel Stubbs
      43. Tommi Thorvildsen
      44. Clifton Torres
      45. Eduard Van Amsterdam
      46. Branch Warren
      47. Ricky Welling

      For the women's pro bodybuilding contest, the tentative list includes:

      1. Nathalie Abellan
      2. Lisa Aukland
      3. Fannie Barrios
      4. Myriam Bustamante
      5. Vilma Caez
      6. Maria Calo
      7. Danjela Crevar
      8. Carmella Cureton
      9. Angela Debatin
      10. Desiree Ellis
      11. Susan Facini
      12. Denise Gerard
      13. Cynthia Gonzales
      14. Giusy Caputo
      15. Kim Harris
      16. Rosemary Jennings
      17. Mary Ellen Jerumbo
      18. Klaudia Larson
      19. Marja Leena Lehtonen
      20. Nancy Lewis
      21. Gayle Moher
      22. Colette Nelson
      23. Antoinette Norman
      24. Jeannie Paparone
      25. Betty Pariso
      26. Mily Pena
      27. Annie Rivieccio
      28. Christine Roth
      29. Paula Suzuki
      30. Paulina Talus
      31. Betty Viana
      32. Petra Walk
      33. Annett Wittig

  • Notes:

      The host hotel is the New York Marriott (212-358-4900) and you can use the code NY Pro for the special rate of $179.00.

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