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2004 Show of Strength Information
Updated: August 2004

  • 3rd Annual Show of Strength Info

      This show just keeps getting bigger and bigger each year. This year, it will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 8-10, the same place it was held last year. There are a number of special events, including men's pro bodybuilding, woemen's pro bodybuilding, women's figure, women's fitness, strongman competition, powerlifting, armwrestling, teen challenges, cover model search, TNA wrestling talent search, and much more.

      This extravaganza is also three weeks before the Olympia Weekend in Vegas, so you may have a change to glimpse on some of the world's best athletes competing, or vying for those coveted sports to compete at the Olympia.

  • Information on the Show

      The GNC Show of Strength & World Fitness Expo is a weekend-long celebration of the best athletes in the strength and fitness world, featuring professional male and female bodybuilders, and top female fitness and figure athletes competing for over $310,000 in prize money, plus exhibitions of physical agility and strength. Held in Atlanta, Georgia, the Show of Strength weekend will include the World Powerlifting Organization's Annual Finals, the MHP Pro Invitational Strongman Competition, Lee Haney Ultimate Teen Challenge, Physical Magazine Cover Model Search, as well as a Fitness Expo offering athletic goods, athletic demonstrations and daily live entertainment. The weekend will culminate in a VIP party combining fitness with Atlanta fun. If you missed the Show of Strength in 2003, you should start making plans for the Show of Strength in 2004. It will be here before you know it! The dates are October 8th-10th. Atlanta will again be home to the Show of Strength.

  • Official Web Site of the Show of Strength


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