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2002 Mr Olympia Review: Craig Titus - Comments and Opinions by Various People Bodybuilding Contest Main Pages Mr. Olympia 2002 Updates 2002 Mr Olympia Review: Craig Titus - Comments and Opinions by Various People

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2002 MR. OLYMPIA REVIEW: Craig Titus!
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  1. The bad boy Craig Titus impressed the hell out of me. I was hoping to see a battle of Kamali vs. Titus on who could be in the top ten, but Kamali disappointed me, but Titus did not. Damn, I have said some bad stuff about Titus in the past, but he took it in stride and came out in the best shape I have seen him in. I can't say anything bad about him this time. Congrats, you should have been in the top 10.

  2. I am a Kamali admirer, and a Titus hater. I did not like the way Craig handles himself, off and on the stage, complete with his Titus articles that chip away at people while he talks highly about himself. However, this year, Titus talked the talk, and walked the walk. We all know Burke should not have been in the top 10. Maybe 11th, but Craig should be been 9th, or 10th. He looked good. I am still going to not like Titus, but he earned my respect as a bodybuilder. And even with him partying around (ok afterwards, but what the hell, I need something to put in).

  3. Damn, Titus. If you would have said something before that you would look so good, and Kamali so bad, it would of made it easier in life. Now I lost a bet, and need to pay up. I won't underestimate you next year, brother.

  4. Seems like everyone has shut their mouth about Titus. He looked awesome at the Olympia and bottom line should have been in at least 8th place. Markus and Orville were way off not to mention Titus had a much better package than Dennis James for sure. You do the math, that puts Titus in at least 8th. Please, no more shit about his stomach or having no pecs. He's proved once and for all he has no weak points and his stomach was flat as a board.

  5. Titus was at his best, but even so there is no way in hell he should ever beat Marcus (except for last year when Markus had that belly problem), Orville, or Dennis. Titus has great legs, arms, delts, and his waist was pretty small at the O, but his lats/chest are lagging.

  6. I'm not a Titus fan. In fact, I'm a Titus hater. But I have to honest and say he did get screwed. He should have been a few places higher. Nothing against anyone else - but he was that good that night.

  7. Are you saying that Titus' stomach was as flat as a board? No weak points? Total package? I don't like or dislike Titus, so from an objective viewpoint I don't get where you're coming from with these comments. Below average chest- especially his right pec- and underdeveloped abdominals, give his torso a lackluster appearance. I liked his legs, arms, delts. Thought his posing was good. But far from a complete package. I think his placing was pretty close to where it should have been.

  8. I will give Craig a hell of a lot of credit for coming in super condition and if he can get rid of that gut, he should move up much higher next year. He sucks in his stomach during poses for about 2 -3 seconds, but perhaps, that is similar to most competitors.

  9. I thought Titus' midsection looked much trimmer. Titus was in better shape than at least two of the top ten.

  10. Titus will always struggle with his midsection because it's not a matter of diet or water control - GH.

  11. Titus at the prejuding, during the abs/thigh pose, Titus hit the pose right for about 2 seconds, and that's when it looked good and the crowd applauded. I thought he should maybe have taken 10th, given Dennia James 9th, and given Orville Burke 11th for his gut. The important thing is that Kamali got deservedly rocked, which we can all agree on.

  12. I couldn't agree more. Ruhl is just a freak, and Burke's back was very smooth. Titus did look great, and I thought he should have been top ten.

  13. Titus had every right to be pissed. The judges did a great job in moving the oil boys down in the pack, but they missed Marcus, and screwed Craig out of a top ten finish. He looked better than ever, and his posing was right on. Like him or not, Titus was actually good this time around.

  14. Craig really got screwed! He deserved better than 10th too! In my opinion, he should have been 7th or 8th.

  15. Love Titus or hate him, he looked the best he has since the 1996 NPC USA. And as for Kamali, LOL.

  16. Craig did improve greatly over his looks at the earlier pro shows and might have been top ten material. One thing for sure he did beat KAMALI.

  17. Titus looked great. Ok, he's kept some size this time. 245. Cut and dry. Looks better than Kamali, but not as big of course. He can give some smack back this year. Needs to work on calves. I'll give him mine.

  18. Titus ended up looking decent and placed a solid 11th had good size and muscularity. It may be tough for Craig to get much better but you never know, Craig may use some bad judgment in the past, but the man is no quitter. While I am not a fan of some of his actions in the past, the man has a classic physique in top shape and poses quite well. He seemed satisfied on stage in the end and I would love to hear how his party went after the big show.

  19. Titus - a classic physique? He's got no pecs, a wide waist and distended abs! He has a modern-day physique, not classic. Classic is Frank Zane, Bill Pearl, that type.

  20. Regarding Prejudging, Craig Titus should have been much higher. First off, Flex should not have been near the top 10, he was better then Orville, Dennis (lack of separation), Markus (for synthol use). If you take bodybuilding as Chris Cormier said it should be, Craig was in the top 6 condition wise. Very obvious! He weighed 247 (not small), great separation + vascularity, balanced and great symmetry, and nice shape. His condition blew Chicks away. He actually had a better package then Lee because his legs did not match his upper body. That puts him in fifth.

  21. Craig Titus did have a bit of a reason to be upset. I think everyone knows that Marcus Ruhl was not punished for having synthol in his shoulders, while other bb's were, which shows another double-standard by the IFBB in synthol use. Ruhl obviously has well-oiled basketballs for shoulders and as a result he should have not been in the top ten, period. That would have put Titus at 10th place.

    Still, you shouldn't disrespect the sport by taking your medal off or being all huffy on stage. Be a good sport about it, suck it up, thank the fans and be a man about it. Throwing a hissy fit on stage or offstage isn't going to change anything.

2002 Mr Olympia Review: King Kamali
Comments and Opinions by Various People

To add your comments, please email Matt at

  1. To all, thanks for the kind words. Believe it or not I was on the money the day before pre-judging... Ripped and nasty. Chad and I had a hard time for all 3 carb up days filling me out. I was trying to come in ultra shredded and paid the price. I got exactly what I deserve (17th). Chad realized what happened and so did I and this bullshit will never happen again. I worked way too hard and I will redeem myself at the GNC Pro. Currently I am 264 pounds and looking crazy. I am more focused than ever before and as an added bonus Chad is pissed off. I was 238 pounds on stage at the Olympia. That's not King Kamali!! I will be 255 on stage at the GNC at my all time best. You and the rest of the Terminators have my word. Keep the faith and God Bless. Peace. (King Kamali)

  2. Greetings to the King. The Greatest Bodybuilder after Arnold. This is a setback. Only a setback. Don't despair. Every bodybuilder made a mistake before. Even the great Ronnie Coleman (who came in 15th place). And you would of placed much higher if they even counted the posing routines in the evening show for you!

  3. King will be back and gonna ##### slap you haters. Mark my words.

  4. I don't even care if King goes on to win the damn O in 5 years (we all know it will never happen). For one brief shining weekend, Shari Kamali embarrassed the shit out of himself in front of thousands of people. I couldn't be happier.

  5. So what, Kamali was off! He will undoubtedly come back bigger and in better condition next year! Everyone has their bad days, and this past Saturday was King's. I honestly thought he looked damn good, just a little flat and wasn't carrying as much size as in the past. He is still young. This was only his second Olympia. He has a bright future ahead of him.

  6. Yes, it was his second Olympia, but now, he needs to re-qualify for the 2003 Mr. Olympia. No special invite for him. That will go to Shawn Ray. So when will King re-qualify? At the Night of Champions, or the Southwest, or earlier. The question is Will He Re-qualify?

  7. I told all of you that King's placings last year at the O was a gift. Good luck re-qualifying for the Olympia.

  8. My assumption on why Kamali came into the O in such bad condition is because "maybe" its the fact that he got so out of shape during the "off season" that to loose that much bodyfat, he also lost a lot of muscle in conjunction. And to make him appear "tight" on stage he had to so desperately deplete his carbs that he looked flat.

  9. I remember reading a little while after the 2001 O, King was talking about following a new strategy, Lee Haney's "stimulate, don't annihilate." In other words, Kamali got lazy in the gym, shot a little more synthol, and spent most of the day eating kabobs on the brown sofa in his parent's basement.

  10. I've been reading the posts on Kamali and the guy seems to generate more comments than any other competitor. No question that he talked the talked, but, on this occasion anyway, he did not produce it on the stage. As the saying goes, if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

    Having said that, just looking at Kamali, while it is obvious he has lost size and does not look as good as last year (and certainly no hope of making the placing he predicted) he doesn't look that bad. The problem is, because of his comments and approach to PR, so many fans get emotional and overreact when judging his physique, whether they are for or against him. He hasn't done himself any favors in the way he sometimes comments about fellow competitors or some fans on the board. But in fairness to him, he seems to behave very decently to those who meet in person and some of the comments about him are completely out of line. Criticize him for his predictions and physique, but let's not get personal about the guy.

  11. Yeah, Kamali looked good, for the NPC. That physique does not warrant the Olympia stage, and it won't for next year unless he qualifies.

  12. I thought his posing was great (especially that pec dance he did) and his torso looked good, but his arms were terrible. He just has really bad biceps and there's nothing he will ever be able to do about that. On the bright side, he may finally learn the difference between good press and bad press and keep his mouth shut in the future about his fans and fellow competitors.

  13. King Kamali looked ok, and during the evening, he looked much better than the prejudging. Size will be back. King will be back.

  14. I hate to say I told you so, but.....

  15. I'm so happy that S.O.B got what he deserved. He's a big mouth with an ok body. He is done. He is not going to break back into the top ten. Did you see Titus taking off his participation medal when they were walking off stage. I mean come on? He thought he would make the top ten?

  16. Clowns like Titus and Kamali have to open their eyes. They just think of it as Top Ten instead of realizing who they have to beat to get in it.

  17. Kamali doesn't deserve to be called KING. He was small and smooth, does he work his calves.

  18. Maybe he will shut up and train now! LOL!

  19. Maybe now that the novelty of his "smack talk" has wore off he'll realize that he's a professional bodybuilder, not a professional wrestler, time to start acting like one.

  20. Kamali looked pretty bad, I think he spilled over. He can talk and talk all he wants, but that doesn't mean sh*t the day of the show. He's in the pro's now and needs to respect that. His routine was good though. The beginning of it was the same he used to guest pose in the offseason. He is a good entertainer.

  21. Kamali's routine was great, but it reminds me of Vince Taylor's Terminator routine. I think we should give credit where credit is due, and thank Vince Taylor for Kamali's routine. I saw Vince do the routine in 1992.

  22. Kamali came in too lean. He must have messed up his dieting, because I thought he was at 300+ pounds in the offseason. Looks like he came down too soon or peaked a week before the show, who knows.

    But when a bodybuilder has the financial luxury to compete in only one contest in a year, then there are no excuses. It's not like he had to pre-qualify at other shows earlier in the year like a lot of guys did. All he had to do was get in shape for one show. When you are in that very rare position in the pro ranks, there are no excuses for not being squared away and in shape.

    I don't mind the smack talk; it did make last year's Mr. O interesting between Titus and Kamali, as long as it is just friendly "You're going down" type talk aimed to the fans to make the show interesting. But Kamali and Titus and Melvin and others were taking things too personally, and that made it very uncool. Plus, Kamali was too disrespecting to the other top pro's just so he could get his name out there, instead of letting his body do the talking (like Jay Cutler did).

    But whatever. Kamali is the kind of person who is not used to winning. The top bb's you never hear this kind of public smack from, at least not spoken out loud to the media, very often, and it's just because they are used to winning or being in the top five of the big shows routinely. You have Kamali who does good at a couple shows and suddenly ramps up the smack is just the sign of someone who does not know how to handle success.

    Hopefully, we will be spared a year of Kamali's mouth. His smack talk was wearing thin after a while. The novelty of it is over. It worked last year, but you have to deliver on stage, or else you permanently lose your credibility. Especially when you had an entire year off to prepare for a excuses then.

  23. Kamali talking smack was a great marketing plan. He gets TONS of guest posings and tons of publicity off of it. Say what you all want, as he is going to the bank! Kamali is a smart businessman, however, his mistake in preparing of the O will cost him a lot of ribbing from the fans.

  24. Kamali likes to talk smack but his result on that O doesn't reflect what he said! Better if he'd said "I'm going to place higher than last year", instead of putting down other bodybuilders, and claim "I will place between 2nd and 4th".

  25. Hopefully, this doesn't hinder Kamali's ability to make it back. He missed his peak badly. I don't think the problem was his biceps. He lost a lot of size in his triceps, which give the arms an illusion of size. Plus, he has to do something with his calves. He had a year off competing, and they still didn't grow much. Maybe, he needs to do at least one show before the O yearly to get his timing down. I'm not sure. In the end, he's good business for bodybuilding, because he keeps it lively. Without Kamali and Titus, the sport would be a little more boring.

  26. It normally takes a heavy burning to shut someone up, and I believe that that is exactly what Kamali got! He did not belong on the O stage that Saturday, and I bet that is what the judges told him with their placings.

  27. King looks like he depleted WAY too much and lost a ton of size...

  28. King and Chad tried something new for the "O". Don't ask why and he was too depleted and flat. Like him or hate him. I doubt the guy is finished. I think this will give him more resolve to do better.

  29. If there is anything positive about his placing is that the judges will remember his last placing and when he comes in fuller the next time he will be rewarded.

  30. I don't care for King but looking at him last year as opposed to this year you can tell it was a mistake in preparation and that he's not through. But humble pie never hurt anyone.

    King, I bet your working on a three page essay as to what happened last night. Well I'm sorry buddy, you are right where you should have been, out of the top 15. Titus smoked you, looks like you were bragging because you surely did not back it up. Go ahead blame it on this or that, holding water, etc. You don't have the body to hang with these guys. Also, do you ever train calves? And isn't it time to start site injecting those arms? You won't be back dude, so don't even say it.

  31. I have been watching bodybuilding for 15 years, and all you picking on King. He will be back, and will learn from his preparation mistakes. And when he enters the top 10 next year, you all will be a lot quieter. Gunter learned, as he was 15th last year. So will King. Patience is the key, and commitment to the sport of bodybuilding is important. So regardless of what anyone says, King is and will be a threat for the top 10 in the O.

  32. Kamali, like him or not is an IFBB pro and I am sure he busted his ass to compete. That is 12 weeks of preparation, which is hard to do. So he screwed up. He will try again in 2003, as he can only go up!

  33. Actually, whatever happens Kamali brought it on himself. He's the one who promised 2nd-4th place. He's the one who talked nutsloads of smack in the offseason - always qualifying his idiotic remarks with how well he would do at this years "O."

  34. All you complainers, how did you do at the Olympia? Kamali is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Have you ever met him in person at a show. Or do you hide behind your computer screens. Don't believe all the nuts you read on sites about him. He is cool as hell. He was off yesterday. I guarantee you he will come back with a vengeance!

  35. Wow, Kamali did so much preaching about how his conditioning was gonna be unheard of at the Olympia. He preached about a guaranteed top 6 placing. That mouthy ass was soft that a bottle of downy. I don't like Craig Titus, but for once I'm happy that he placed higher than Kamali. What a joke.

  36. Kamali was smooth. No way would any judge place him in the top 10 unless everyone else was off. Kamali does the robot dance, then a stripper dance! Fun, entertaining routine. But He is way too smooth.

  37. How many of you guys remember last year after the O how Kamali critiqued everyone in the O on his website like he was the almighty. I would love to see if he does that this year after his great 17th place showing which should have been more like 20th.

  38. King Kamali - We know he's the best poser, but he looks small compared to some of the other guys. With his posing routine, he deserves to be in at least 14th place. They should have counted the routines too. Not fair.

  39. Will Kamalistill retain his arrogant demeanor and promise an 'unheard of conditioning' and top 2 placing for next year. Or will he be more realistic?

  40. Because of his actions and "smack talking", I have NOT been a big fan of King as many of you here know. We all know he got spanked hard at the Olympia and of course he knows that too. The big question for me, is how King will react to this mishap. The man is still a pro bodybuilder with great physique and I hope he never forgets that. I know that King and his fans are asking for some "cracking on" at this point and that is all part of the fun. However, cracking and ribbing is one thing and an all out personal assault is another. I hope nobody crosses that line, you have not, but some idiots will.

  41. What place did Ronnie get two years before he won the O? Wasn't it like 15th or something? Sure, King's placing was disappointing, so were a lot of other competitors. He has the GNC show coming up in a few weeks and I am sure he will be able to fine tune what needs to get done

  42. I was there and King was in unbelievable shape. He is improving every year. I guess for him to do better he should come in blocky and out of proportion like Rhul and develop a pregnant like stomach like so many up there. The judges must like that better. Conditioning was right on the money for King. He will be back and better that ever. And to all of you that have so much crap to say - let me see you big bad tough guys get on that stage!

  43. A lot better condition than a lot of the guys and his routine was dynamic. Even though I knew he would never break top 5 I felt he deserved higher than what he got

  44. Even though I have to admit that his posing routine was the best , he's conditioning sucked ! On the other hand it's gotta be so incredible for Titus that he finally kicked Kamali 's ass!

  45. And now everybody will spend time talking about how Kamali was "punished" for being a "big mouth". Or about how Titus finally beat him bad. And all this will mainly be posted by people who claim to hate both mens presence in the sport. And yet you'll continue to be the largest source of the free publicity that these two will need in the coming months to further pump up their careers. I don't know whether to laugh out loud at some of you; or congratulate these two for being successfully able to steal the WWE.'s marketing style.

  46. I think Kamali deserved a better place than he got. No way did he deserve 17th. Kamali will come back and take care of business.

  47. King- was way off as we all know. Just my 2 cents but I think his bulk up strategy was too much bulk ie fat in the off season. He is young, hungry and resourceful and I expect him to be back with bit more serious , less cocky attitude. I think he should change his posing style to be more bodybuilder and less entertainer.

  48. King Kamali! What happened bro? Finally, Craig Titus will get the respect he deserves. In addition, Kevin Levrone should be Mr. Olympia, he got screwed again. I thought Burke and Priest looked great. Ahmaid Haidar looked awesome too as did Claude Groulx

  49. In some minor defense of Shari, he was way too depleted. And everybody was ready to write off Kevin after he started placing Fifth in shows also. But King showed up, gave t his best, was judged, and now has to improve for the GNC. I understand that he talked a ton of shit, and didn't back it up. And bash away on him for that, but to say he is all done is premature.

  50. How did Kamali not win the posing round? I understand his body wasn't the best (although it WAS better than most people said), but did you see the Mr. O? Phenomenal posing routine! Easily the best, and the only one that got the crowd riled up! Everyone else had to gesture with their hands for the crowd to make noise, but Kamali's routine had them cheering all the way through.

  51. During the evening shows, due to the fact that there was 25 competitors, only the top 15 from the morning shows were judged that evening, and Kamali was not one of them. Sucks though, he had a great routine.

  52. That Kamali was 240 at the Olympia. He also said that he is 265 now, and will be about 15lbs heavier at the GNC. Everybody has a bad showing at least once, though I'm not sure how much can be rectified between the Olympia and the GNC. If anyone can do it, I'd bet Nicholls can. I'm just wondering if there's enough magic in his wand. By the way, Kamali's condition looked to me like some of his shit may have been fake.

  53. Remember Kamali's words 8 weeks out: "These images are posted for one purpose and one only: TO BITC* SLAP all the haters who find it necessary to keep running their mouths. Once again I used all the negative comments from you jackasses and took it out on the weights & refrigerator to put on an additional 10 pounds of solid muscle. The improvements have been made, my conditioning

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