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2002 Mr Olympia Review: Lee Priest - Comments and Opinions by Various People Bodybuilding Contest Main Pages Mr. Olympia 2002 Updates 2002 Mr Olympia Review: Lee Priest - Comments and Opinions by Various People

2002 Mr. Olympia - Prejudging (DVD) A completely separate tape for the Prejudging - with all of the comparisons. See the top men side by side. Sadly this was the last Mr Olympia appearance by the great Flex Wheeler. BUY IT NOW 2002 Mr. Olympia - Prejudging (DVD)


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  1. Lee Priest. All I can say is that Lee was screwed again. He looked awesome.

  2. Lee Priest was in great shape, great abs, striated quads. He was definitely on. His pecs look better now that I saw him at 2001 ASC at his booth. Looks good.

  3. Lee Priest - I know people love him, and many people think he got screwed, but he has many flaws. Proportionately he has the biggest arms in bodybuilding, but it takes more than arms to win the Mr. O. His legs are huge too, but his quads are no where near Ronnie's. His condition is good, but not as good as Levrone, Cormier, or Jackson. His biggest weakness is his torso. It may be due to his structure, but his chest and shoulders look much smaller than anyone else in the top 6. He should have beat Mr. "Wimpy-legs" though. He deserved 5th.

  4. I was at the Olympia and I thought you looked awesome and should have placed higher. You were in great condition and very cut. I enjoyed the posedown immensely, especially when you and Gunter did double biceps one in front of the other. That was the highlight of the show for me! I hope that next year you get the ranking you deserve.

  5. You were awesome, in proportion, had perfect abs,3 to 5 pounds lighter! You will place top 3 at the GNC.

  6. If you follow the rules of bodybuilding (as stated in the IFBB rules that judges are supposed to follow), then Lee Priest wins the whole show. He should get all firsts in the symmetry round, be near the top in muscularity (not the top, but near it) and be near the top in posing. Then in the posedown, he did a phenomenal job and matched up overall with everyone.

  7. In my opinion, its about time Mr. Priest start going up in the contest results, despite his lesser height, the man has one hell of a balanced physique, mass, general size, outstanding definition and is a nice poser. Please don't give me crap about the competition looking better, what else do the judges want from Lee?

  8. Lee has some incredible bodyparts (arms) and his proportion is great at least within certain bodyparts or areas (e.g. proportion of biceps to triceps) but for him the total package is not the sum of its parts. If you get a full body view you can see that his torso is way too long for his arms and legs. Take a look at his front double bicep pose and this is evident. His arms and legs look great on their own but taken as a whole, he is structural disproportionate and unfortunately he can't change his structure. I think this hurts him with the judges more so than the height. but he sure is freaky.

  9. I wonder why Lee Priest legs always are soft! I just wonder and I like him a lot.

  10. Dang, look at the vascularity and muscle density! If only his pecs were broader he'd have won the "O" by now. I've applied LP's forearms regimen, it's a killer. He goes for high reps till it scorches, and then do 10 more.

  11. I could ask why aren't other peoples upper bodies hard. This is not a glute contest. I got into the sport to have big arms, legs and so on. I did not do it for the best ass in the sport. Plus if you squat correct you will not have a big ass to begin with. But thanks for the criticism. (Lee Priest)

2002 Mr Olympia Review: Flex Wheeler
Comments and Opinions by Various People

To add your comments, please email Matt at

  1. Flex Wheeler came to the 2002 Olympia with a mission. To go into the contest drug-free, and because of his faith in God & Jesus, using drugs after he said he would not would not be right, especially by Jesus in God's faith. What would Flex be hiding by using steroids. He can see him anywhere. So before you go and pass judgment just because Flex looked so good at the Olympia, get to know Flex. He has changed. Flex definitely deserved his placing at the Olympia.

  2. Flex looked fantastic. Without looking at past pictures, you could barely tell the difference. You can definitely tell that Flex cut back on the drugs for this show, but as far as being 100% clean, this is hard to believe. He still has that hardness that is only attainable with drugs and he was not that much smaller. In his prime, he was only competing at around 220 to 230 lbs with gear, which means at 215 he lost very little muscle. I believe he was on a number of undetectable drugs, like GH and maybe some water based anabolics. Maybe not as much gear as before, but definitely some help. It only makes sense. Consider this: if maintaining that much size and hardness was possible without using any drugs, don't you think everybody would want to live longer and save thousands of dollars a year by going clean? Of course! This would have happened long ago. Think about how quickly bodybuilding would regain respect, mainstream acceptance, and more money for everyone!

  3. I think Flex has the best back double bi's pose. His genetics are awesome.

  4. There are bigger backs in the IFBB, but Flex's out pops them all.

  5. I'm sure Flex was as natural as you can be for the contest. As far as not taking steroids. He basically said anyone who wanted to test him could feel free to do so, at any time. But synthetic testosterone is only one of many supplements that are used. A lot of things they don't even have a test for.

  6. Remember that Flex has probably had 25 years of training under his belt at this point. Taking a year off the steroids might not have that much of an effect

  7. Saying Flex is too small in not cool. You guys obsessed with size are clueless. It is part of what's wrong with the sport today. Flex will ALWAYS look better than Markus, unless Markus gets a body transplant.

  8. Flex Wheeler - This guy almost got a bigger gift than Levrone. He has great structure and genetics that cause him to look extremely defined in certain areas, but his condition was off. What hurt him even more was that his size was down. His chest was flat, and his quads were almost as small as Levrone's. His upper back looked smaller than anyone in the top ten, and his rear and side delts looked flat and unproportionate (I guess the synthol really is gone). He deserved 10th, barely.

  9. Flex looks good. He is big, but smaller than in past. Definatly got back into shape. Detailed, but maybe slightly smooth. Can see quad stris. Does split to floor. Amazing tris. He should place high, but won't win. Legs a little small. Great abs. Does the Coleman strip-to-flag trunks.

  10. I give Flex mad props for having the balls to come into the Olympia juice free. God bless him. I just hope he does not get pissed off and retire. Bodybuilding most definitely needs Flex. He is one of the best.

  11. I agree 100%. Flex passed all his drug tests and proved he was natural and STILL placed 7th! He gets major props from me for doing that and making that type of statement!

    To those who think Flex is natural, I repeat Flex is not natural. He passed a test much like the roided up freak of nature East German swim team of the 70's. Get real! There is no test for GH. You can also use steroids which wash right out of the body quickly. Guys we are talking top 7 at the Olympia here. No genetics or bio chem supplements will get you there. If Flex looks this good natural, he would be 290 lbs ripped, and way bigger with all the gear. Was he? Nope.

  12. I for one feel he was drug free. He was NOT massive and looked sleek and ripped with great lines. While it is obvious drugs to make difference, you can't become a Flex Wheeler or even a top 20 guy at the Olympia with just drugs. Granted, despite the fact Flex looked great drug free this year, we will have all kinds of naysyaers that never won anything on a boatload of drugs claim Flex is a lier, etc. Let 'em yell and rant, for my money Flex proved his pt and respect him for it.

  13. His placing really surprised me. I thought for sure that he would make the top-four. He did not look too happy to me,

  14. The guy did The Big One without any precontest drugs. It's incredible to beat so many of the top guys while being temporarily natural. I don't dig the steroid aspect of the "sport", but we have to realize it is existent. Therefore it is just even greater when someone like Wheeler comes along a brings something different to the scene. Instead of putting him down for not being as big or as dry as some of the others, give the man credit for competing with this "handicap". His incredible symmetry made up for any lack of mass.

  15. I think Wheeler's physique is sweet, but clean or juiced at this year's Mr. O is a mute point - -the guy's physique is a product of years and years of drug use, plain and simple. he can never be called natural, so he might as well keep it up and try to up his placings.

  16. I agree. Wheeler was awesome. He showed what my definition of what a bodybuilder should look like this year.

  17. Anyone who thinks Wheeler was clean for the O is out of his mind. Wheeler was hitting the steroids!

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