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2002 Mr Olympia Review: Chris Cormier - Comments and Opinions by Various People Bodybuilding Contest Main Pages Mr. Olympia 2002 Updates 2002 Mr Olympia Review: Chris Cormier - Comments and Opinions by Various People

2002 Mr. Olympia - Prejudging (DVD) A completely separate tape for the Prejudging - with all of the comparisons. See the top men side by side. Sadly this was the last Mr Olympia appearance by the great Flex Wheeler. BUY IT NOW 2002 Mr. Olympia - Prejudging (DVD)


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  1. Chris Cormier was awesome at the show. I hear that people said that Chris never makes any improvements. Well, take a look at him this year, his chest and delts have never looked better, nor have his quads ever been so sharp. I think he should of beat Levrone for sure. Levrone was awesome, but overall Chris was better.

  2. Chris, I saw you both at the Olympia and at RA. It's good to know you've got fans wherever you go. Take care, bro - good luck in the coming year in life and in your career.

  3. Cormier could be #1 with a little less water. He has better proportions than Levrone and Ronnie. He's got the muscle, but like he said in the post O interview, it all comes down to timing, and favoritism.

  4. Chris looked great. The Real Deal definitely came in shape. 260 pounds. Pretty dry. Cut and striated quads. Detailed back. Great Glutes. Awesome Calves. Good abs. Chris is awesome. Why is he not Mr. Olympia?

  5. Chris Cormier says "More focus. Want to look on stage the way you prepared. Stresses come up. Holding water. Keep plugging away. Proud of physique. Proportionate, symmetrical. A little bit of water here and there. Accomplished what I was after, to do bodybuilding."

  6. Chris Cormier - Big, shredded, proportionate, but Coleman just smokes him when it comes to back and quads. Can't say anything bad about this guy, he just needs more size to beat the mass monsters. From the looks of the scores, he would have beat Levrone if he had posed better. Should have beat Levrone, but 3rd is the right placing for him.

  7. Prejudging, we all had Chris in second place, but after the incredible showing of Kevin in the evening, with Chris just watching, Chris fell to third place, with no fault of his own. Gunter just looked great, and with the judges eyes on Gunter and Kevin, the points just did not add up for Chris. Still, Chris looked awesome on stage.

  8. Chris works his butt off, stops partying and concentrates quite hard away from Venice, at Gold's Gym Redondo Beach, comes to the Olympia in the best shape of his life, and still places 3rd. Kevin looked good, but Chris is just a more overall package. Chris is definitely the next Mr. Olympia.

2002 Mr Olympia Review: Dexter Jackson
Comments and Opinions by Various People

To add your comments, please email Matt at

  1. Top 10 Reasons Dexter Jackson should be Mr. O: 10: No apparent synthol. 9: No gyno. 8: Excellent overall proportions. 7: Flawless symmetry. 6: Huge arms. 5: Massive, well proportioned leg. 4: Tiny waist, including out-of-this-world external obliques framing the rectus abdominus. 3: Great chest from top to bottom. 2: Great back that rivals that of Flex Wheeler's. 1: A consistently extraordinarily conditioned physique (feathers everywhere) that only requires a few select pounds in key places (such as calves, delts) to come as close to bodybuilding perfection as anyone else has.

  2. Dexter has a beautiful physique, makes one pine for the 80's when physiques like this were rewarded for what they are, VERY RARE!

  3. Here are few reasons why he shouldn't be Mr. Olympia. 1. He lacks thickness. His torso is too small to match his arms and shoulders. His waist is actually TOO SMALL for his quads / glutes. He has synthol calves. He disappears onstage. He is too small. How many is that?

  4. Dexter Jackson looked great. Seriously, can anyone find a weakness on Dexter? He is always HARD as hell, always grainy, symmetrical as hell, no lagging bodyparts. I think he should have beat Chris. Dexter should have been 3rd. We shall see how he does overseas and at the GNC. Big Ups TO DEX!

  5. Dexter's weakness, too small and needs more OVERALL size. A good big man will beat a good small man any day.

  6. Dexter's flaws = size. I don't care what anyone says, he is no Flex Wheeler clone, as good as he is, there is only one Flex Wheeler. Plus, Dexter competes a lot, and it is hard to gain muscle when he is competing 4 or 5 times a year. If he concentrates on just the Olympia every year, then he will be a consistent top 3 competitor.

  7. Dexter competes a lot because he can. He only takes 6 weeks to diet for a show and it is easy for him. Most pros have to diet for 12 weeks + and it takes a lot out of them. Look at Cormier and Flex, both are known for looking great in the shows in the beginning of the year, then not coming in good at the big O. Dexter can come in every show the same.....and he doesn't want to get any bigger. He is getting PAID being the size he is, he is the only consistent man who is always ON, and never off at all.

  8. The only thing Dexter can be marked down on is high lats, which makes his waist look a little long. Otherwise, Dexter looks great.

  9. I hope he doesn't do the size at all cost mentality thing. He will ruin his lines like a lot of the cats have done.

  10. Dexter Jackson - Great structure, best conditioning in the show, good proportion. He just needs to be bigger if he wants to place better. Like Cormier, he should have beat Levrone, but 4th place is right.

  11. From what I hear, Dexter was very happy with his 4th place finish. 4th place was probably extremely gratifying for the man and such a high profile placing was well overdue. Congrats Dexter!

  12. Dexter has good lats, abs, quads, arms, pecs, good shape and tie-ins. He has some mass, proportion, symmetry. About the only things I'd say he needs to really improve are calves, posing and lower abs / obliques a teeny bit. However, other than Lee Priest, this guy had the fewest and smallest flaws.

  13. Dexter wrecks! Look for more from this TRUE bodybuilder! This shape, condition, and muscularity is what its all about, BODYBUILDING IN ITS TRUEST FORM.

  14. What is it with people saying Dexter's lats are too high? It drives me mad when guys critiqued Jackson according to impossible standards. Dexter, on the whole, has a physique that is so proportioned that he has to be considered one of the most aesthetically built bodybuilders of all time. You can throw Shawn Ray and Flex and even Haidar now in that mix, but Dex is a given.

    But according to some, his waist is too small! And his lats are too high! Forget the fact that he had the best lines on the Olympia stage with round muscle bellies over tiny joints, no gyno, no gut, no sagging muscles, no site injections, no loose skin at the pec line, no lumps, scars, boils, or swelling- unlike most of the other guys in the show- Dexter Jackson can only manage 218 lbs at 5'6-1/2" on a tiny bone structure, and his back, while big and ripped, features lats that might sit an inch or two higher than would be ideal on an anatomical chart.

    Somebody tell me who on that stage had fewer flaws than Jackson. Levrone's legs were off. Cormier was holding a little water. Gunter's hip-to-shoulder ratio could be better. Ronnie I won't even get into. You can argue that Dex didn't deserve to win the Olympia last Saturday. But to say that he didn't deserve to place top 5 because he isn't thick enough or his lats are too high is like criticizing a Picasso because he painted a woman's face uneven. All it means is that you're missing the bigger picture.

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