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2002 Mr Olympia Review: Kevin Levrone Bodybuilding Contest Main Pages Mr. Olympia 2002 Updates 2002 Mr Olympia Review: Kevin Levrone

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  1. From Kevin Levrone's website: In one of the most despicable decisions in the history of bodybuilding, Kevin Levrone was denied the Mr. Olympia title despite utterly destroying every other man on the stage, including Ronnie Coleman. Kevin, at his all-time best, easily crushed the opposition with an unbeatable combination of size, symmetry, shape, and definition, but for some reason the judges didn't wake up and smell the coffee until it was too late. Kevin received mostly second place votes in the first two rounds, and then swept all the first place votes in the third round and beat Ronnie again in the final round, resulting in Kevin's 4th second place finish since 1992. Upon hearing the result, the thousands of fans in attendance booed the decision and hurried out of the auditorium, leaving Ronnie onstage with about 50 of his supporters as the only people who actually believed what just happened.

    As bad as last year's decision was (featuring Ronnie's come-from-behind Victory over a deserving Jay Cutler), this year's travesty was far worse. First, Ronnie came in looking like a mere shadow of the guy who won this show in 1999 and 2000. Weighing fifteen pounds less than past years, this year's version of Ronnie featured smaller arms, an awful case of gyno, and the always-present, bloated-corpse belly. Unlike a way-off Coleman, Kevin was at his all-time best, combining the conditioning he displayed in 2000 with the Full Blown size that shocked the bodybuilding world back in the early '90's. Frankly, it wasn't even close. So vast was the difference between the two that Ronnie would not even stand next to Kevin facing the audience during the posedown, instead choosing to turn his back and continually flex his glutes. In the end, it made perfect sense, because the judges were so far up Ronnie's ass, they couldn't see anything but his glutes!

  2. Kevin won the Mr. Olympia show hands down. He was incredible. Ronnie looked very good, not the mass monster we're used to see, but he should have been third behind Gunter. Gunter got the royal screwing due to his lack of pull. Look for him to be a huge threat next year with another full year working with Charles Glass.

  3. Kevin fought tooth and nail for what he got. He kicked everyone's ass at prejudging, the final round was all Kevin. He is a master poser, and has classic lines. Even when he is a little off he is tough to beat. You really had to be there to see all of the detail that he was able to create. He'd hit a pose, adjust, then readjust the detail just kept coming and coming.

  4. Kevin must still be really motivated to do what he did to his body in such a short time. He is one of the few bodybuilders which can go from out of shape to awesome in three months. Kevin goes into his dungeon, trains like crazy, and comes out amazing everyone. That is motivation.

  5. Does not anyone else think that Kevin's arms overpower the rest of his body??

  6. Congratulations Kevin on an excellent showing. If Kevin had two inches on Ronnie, he would be the new Mr. Olympia. I wish the judges would see that it is the whole package and presentation. But he had a hernia, and that time off might have had an effect on the final touches. But as you know, adding two inches on the quads is easier said than done at that level.

  7. I always was under the impression you needed to have legs to place second at the Olympia. Kevin's upper body was on but his legs were very weak especially for him. Gunther truly got robbed

  8. I was not impressed with Ronnie at all. Gunther really looked good and was the crowd favorite, but it was Kevin's show. I was number one in the evening, no doubt about it, and the judges should of given it to him!

  9. The biggest surprise was Kevin Levrone. After seeing what he looked like at his last contest, followed by a hernia operation, how he showed up in that condition is crazy. I guess we were all wrong saying his mind or heart wasn't in it anymore. From the pictures, it looks like his waist has been smaller, or maybe it looks wider because his thighs are smaller, whatever, but I'm still amazed at his turnaround in condition. That's the mark of a real pro there.

  10. Kevin. You are the man. I have heard many things said about you after the Arnold. That you were out of it, that you are going to retire, that you can't come in shape anymore at a contest, but you proved them all wrong. Even from the pictures at Shawn Ray's Muscle Camp before the NPC USA, you looked small, but you were confident then, and you impressed the hell out of everyone. My hat is off to you with full on respect. I won't doubt you again!

  11. I did think Kevin loooked awsome. His body is awsome and his legs were not that bad. All he needs to do is bring them up a little bit.

  12. Kevin was lacking total leg development, arms overpowering his upper body, his shoulders look funky and has small traps. His back is not even in the top 5! Kevin has lots of flaws, but I wont take anything away from him, he is the most decorated pro ever. But he is not in the same category as Ronnie, not even close. No disrespect, Kevin will always be a step below, as will every other pro in the last five years to Ronnie.

  13. Kevin his one of the greatest bodybuilders ever. Kevin Levrone is Mr. Olympia runner up four times now. In 1992, in 1995, in 2000, and in 2002. After 10 years, he is in 2nd place again. Unbelievable.

  14. Levrone looked great. He has striated tri's. The crowd in the arena was not cheering as much as I thought they would for Kevin. His quads looked better than last year. He was on and looking comfortable and confident.

  15. Kevin had the best conditioning of the show, but Ronnie does have excellent symmetry ( his conditioning was off) and that is what carries him. Kamali was just about the only one who had a stand out posing routine.

  16. Kevin was only 6 pounds lighter than Ronnie was this year! Let me tell you, I really think that at most, Ronnie will win only one more after this year. The proof is in the pudding folks, he didn't win unanimously for the 2nd year in a row. He was booed and even at a lighter weight he was still smooth in some areas (his legs were pretty soft and lack striations). If Kevin comes in with the crispness of his 1991 NOC showing and comes in even bigger (legs, more back thickness), he can't be denied. His arms, delts, calves and thighs were already bigger than Ronnie's this year and although his pecs don't looks as big as Ronnie's from the front when they are standing relaxed, he absolutely WRECKS Ronnie in the side chest pose! Kevin may have the best side chest pose in history after Arnold and Haney.

  17. This is Kevin's FOURTH second place finish! The fact that for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW, Ronnie was BEATEN in a round (in this case - TWO rounds!) is proof that he's not unbeatable. People can say that he can come in off as much as they want .but the facts on the scoresheet dont lie. Ronnie LOST the 2nd half of the contest this year. Kevin won the 3rd and 4th rounds. Kevin has the tools to come in as much as 10 pounds heavier and even more ripped than he was this year. His proportions are already better than Ronnie's. His delts are more in proportion with his pecs, arms and back (Ronnie's delts are still proportionally flat) and his calves are in better line with his thighs than Ronnie's are. The fact that according to witnesses. Ronnie was booed when he won this year is proof that they are getting tired of the same shit every year. The Sport needs some real EXCITEMENT, like when people predicted that Samir would win a second time in a row, only to be beat by King Haney in 1984 where Samir ended up SIXTH! Now that was judging!

  18. Kevin has been better- certainly in the legs- than he was on Saturday. He has the genetic potential to win it all but seems to get distracted during the year. He's so close. I don't understand why he doesn't put down the microphone and track shoes for just sixth months to completely focus and finally win the whole damn thing.

  19. Kevin was completely focused since he started training July 1st. You have to realize that Kevin's careless persona in the magazines is somewhat )blown out of proportion by the man himself. This is to make the sport more interesting and screw with the heads of his competition.

  20. When Kevin trains for a show he trains for a show, he is not out partying like some of the guys and contrary to popular belief, he isn't even working on his music. I think Kevin is a good example that bodybuilders CAN and DO have lives outside of the gym. Kevin busted his ass for several months to compete in the Mr. O! And now will probably take some time off shortly and focus on his music. I don't think Kevin training year round would make him any better, it would probably burn his body out, mentally and physically. He likes having the pressure on him to do well, and it obviously works for him! The only thing right now in my mind that is stopping Kevin from winning the Mr. O is the judges!

  21. As much as I like Kevin, I don't believe that he's going to have a second chance of winning next year, especially if Jay Cutler decides to compete, and yes, he should've been Mr. Olympia this year!

  22. Kevin has enough muscle to hold his own with Jay and Ronnie, but Kevin has aesthetics that neither of them can match.

  23. Once again, Kevin Levrone was screwed! I dont understand what the big deal is with Ronnie Coleman. For the past 3 years, he has not looked near his best, and this year might be his worst ever. He not only had his customary distended belly, but he lost 20 pounds or so of muscle!! The bottom line is that a guy with a gut sticking out further than his chest has no business winning a bodybuilding contest. The other Olympians must be getting tired of busting their asses and seeing a guy with a gut winning year after year. Kevin Levrone or Gunter Schlierkamp were both much more conditioned as Ronnie and don't have any sort of belly. Does anyone else agree with me here or am I just not seeing something everybody else does?

  24. I understand the frustration of not seeing your favorite bodybuilder win, but Kevin being Mr. Olympia. Please. I really like Kevin both as a bodybuilder and the way he seems to be as a person, but here is a objective criticism of his physique. His Biceps were Flat, and not good at all. They can't even compare to Ronnie's. His Triceps were Fantastic, amongst the best ever. But Ronnie is no slouch either in this department. His shoulders were, again really great, but so was Ronnie's.

    His back was not good, not even among the top ten of the competitors of today. No lower lats, that draping look. He has what I will call a behind-the-neck pulldowns-back. No deads or rows. Ronnie, say no more, one of the best. Regarding Abs, Kevin of course kills Ronnie. Regarding Chest, Standing relaxed from the front, the tear in his pec is quite visible. Tremendous side-chest. But again Ronnie has a much bigger chest, if he only could to the side-chest more of the Arnold way. Chest up, and push the shoulder back. I hate the way many do it today, more like a shoulder-arm pose.

    Regarding Legs, I really think Kevin by far had the worst legs in the Olympia (maybe one or two exceptions like Kamali, Chick, etc). From the hip to the knee, Kevin has no sweep whatsoever. Take a look at the sweep of Ronnie, from all angles. Actually Kevin's legs looked kinda like Arnolds in 1975, well-trimmed and nice, but no Mr. O. Regarding Calves, nothing to mention, same goes for Ronnie.

    Regarding the total package: Standing in the relaxed poses, Kevin really is out-muscled. He is a great poser, but don't forget that being at the O is different from seeing the pictures. Something different when you see the bodybuilders move between the poses. that when you see who is really big. Of course its legitimate to disagree with the decision, but Kevin being Mr O? No Way. Not balanced at all. Can't have a Mr. O with no legs, and a weak back. Be realistic. He is even far from being his best.

  25. I have always been impressed with Kevin Levrone's physique. This year he was huge and ripped. What a pity his shapely, impressive physique wasn't rewarded. I think judges give too much credit to the reigning Mr. Olympia and therefore do not judge the contest properly. It appears that a new group of judges came up with the same result. We always have to accept the judges decision. They are the ones doing the scoring. However, I still object to the posedown score being added to the event. No one can judge a posedown. If comparisons are held in the evening show then that is where judges can *change* their mind. I dislike this feature of judging and am totally against it. Either you prejudge people or you do not. What I fear is that those who *erred* at the prejudging by picking the *wrong* person can *correct* his *mistake* at the evening show. There is no way judges are not going to talk about the competitors. All manner of subtle hints can accumulate to influence others. It just isn't good enough.

  26. Dead on about the posedown. It seems almost like a "cop out" round- insurance to explain away a bad decision. Nothing new though. At the 1979 NOC, Danny Padilla had the thing won going into the posedown after which Robby Robinson was declared the winner. Even if it truly is a fairly judged round it trivializes the months of hard work the guys put in. They've been showing the judges their condition for nearly two days straight. all of a sudden, in the final three minutes they have to fight out their placings?

  27. Comparisons are done again at the night show of the top six. They all have to do the quarter turns and 7 mandatory poses. I think the judges are supposed to look at this more than all the jumping around and trying to out flex each other.

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