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2002 NPC National Men's Championships - Contest Results

2002 NPC National Men's Championships - Contest Results
Place Athlete Class
1st Toney Freeman - Overall Winner! Super Heavyweight
2nd David Palumbo
3rd Mat Duvall
4th Eddie Moyzan
5th Allen Fortney
6th Anthony Brogno
7th Raoul Fulcher Jr.
8th Michael Horn
9th Christopher Bennett
10th William Wilmore
11th Wondel Leflore
12th Rusty Jeffers
13th Jason Bard
14th Albert Foster
15th Lorenzo Alderete
16th Korbie Ntiforo
1st Joe Ntiforo Heavyweight
2nd David Watson
3rd Thomas Rieke
4th Franklin Roberson
5th Sebastian Zona
6th Mark Perry
7th Abbas Khatami
8th Jonathan Rowe
9th Mike Dragna
10th John Meadows
11th Terry Hairston
12th Jeff Dwelle
13th Leon Parker
14th Shawn Rhoden
15th Gregory Davis
16th James Wynn
1st Michael Valentino Light Heavyweight
2nd Kris Dim
3rd Prince Fontenot
4th Rashid Shabazz
5th Eddie Linda
6th Faramarz Aghazadeh
7th Capriese Murray
8th Brian Chamberlain
9th William Owens
10th Mark Natalie
11th Joe Mazzone
12th Sonny Thomason
13th Jason Benjamin
14th Tommy L. Brown
15th Mark Christensen
16th Vincent Brihm
1st David Henry II Middleweight
2nd Tricky Jackson
3rd Robert Kreider
4th Kevin Bunn
5th Robert M. Evans
6th Rob Garcia
7th Michael Broadway
8th Lorenzo Jones
9th Bobby Holmes
10th Jack Guyette, Jr.
11th Garret Anway
12th Erik Bui
13th Jimmy Canyon
14th Eric Anderson
15th Benjie Greaves
16th Joshua Fred
1st Derik Farnsworth Lightweight
2nd Chick Elazor
3rd Al Ferraro
4th Roland Aki
5th Johnny Traynor
6th Henderson Gordon
7th Daniel Stern
8th Julio Navarro
9th Michael Matassa
10th Cheung Teav
11th Van Nguyen
12th Hector Cruz Vazquez
13th Carlen Charleston
14th Kevin Ofurum
15th Manny Vigil
1st Clifton Torres Bantamweight
2nd Johnny McKnight
3rd Randy Jackson
4th Eric Yamashita
5th Michael Wick
6th Allan Terrell
7th Heath Warren
8th Martin Burger
9th Victor Del Campo
10th Roland Huff
11th James Ferreri
12th Jonathan Hunt
13th Roy Bacani
14th Rashad Hood
15th Tim Sahr


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