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2000 NPC Men's Team Universe Championships - Contest Results

2000 NPC Men's Team Universe Championships - Contest Results
Place Athlete Class
1st Skip LaCour Heavyweight
2nd James Bivens
3rd Michael Horn
4th Rodney Davis
5th Calvin Martin
6th Rick McMillan
7th Timothy Flourney
8th James Wigfall
9th Willie Ray
10th Edmund Jones
11th John Dilauro
12th Greg Stern
13th Miles Beccia
1st Greg Rando Light Heavyweight
2nd Darrel Monson
3rd Clyde Morris
4th Shawn Rhoden
5th Odis McCullough
6th Gunnar Lewis
7th Waylan Smith
8th Timothy Garrett
9th John Bastiste
10th Jeff Willet
11th Thomas Futch
12th James Sutton Jr.
13th Sean Calder
14th Jean Claude Desardouin
15th Christopher Morrison
16th Ty Pope
16th Anthony DeAngelis
16th Jeremy Stokes
1st Tito Raymond Middleweight
2nd Prince Fontenot
3rd Tricky Jackson
4th Peter Ciccone
5th Bill Moschelle
6th Scott Filose
7th Jason Lee Moore
8th Anthony Villacci
9th Marcus Nichols
10th Chuck Schwiederek
11th Nigil Hill
12th Tony Poggiali
13th Jamuel Dye
14th Yonny Acevedo
15th Andrew Landis
1st Derik Farnsworth Lightweight
2nd Jose Raymond
3rd Ricky Parks
4th Kelly Pettiford
5th Anthony Miller
6th Bertram Stiff
7th Ivory White
8th Dale Pierce
9th Brian Wilson
10th Steve Scutti
11th Jimmy Canyon
12th Eric Dockray
13th Ivan Higashi
14th Perry McRae
15th Richard Paul Ferrigan
16th Joseph Justin
17th Ontre Boatman
1st Marvin Ward - Overall Winner! Bantamweight
2nd Michael Wick
3rd Earl Snyder
4th David Wilson
5th Michael Romero
6th Paul Hamilton
7th Ronnie Davis
8th Son Van Tran
9th Rennie Davis
10th Nicholas Yasinosky
11th Gregory Condos
12th Rober Austin
13th Julian Scandiffio


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