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1999 NPC USA Men's Championships - Contest Results

1999 NPC USA Men's Championships - Contest Results
Place Athlete Class
1st Melvin Anthony Super Heavyweight
2nd Erik Fromm
3rd Robert Habeeb
4th Stokely Palmer
5th Jeremy Freeman
6th Joe DeAngelis
7th Rich Piana
8th Quincy Taylor
9th Dave Palumbo
10th Brandon Jensen
11th Brad Hollibaugh
12th Edward Moyzan
13th Earl Crosswhite
14th Eddie Hoggett
15th Mitch McIntyre
16th Russell Harrison
16th Kevin Holley
1st Garrett Downing Heavyweight
2nd Tevita Aholelei
3rd Leon Parker
4th John Meadows
5th Rodney Davis
6th Rusty Jeffers
7th James Restivo
8th Augustus Carter
9th Mike Harris
10th John King
11th Mike Patton
12th Darrell Terrell
13th Mohamad Moussawi
14th Shermonte Brooks
15th Harold Chery
16th Reginald Whitmore
16th Ali Matteau
16th Bill Straka
16th Taylor Gibson
16th Lionel Brown
16th Anthony Dodd
16th Jess Aguon
1st Rodney St. Cloud Light Heavyweight
2nd Robert Lopez
3rd Parenthesis Devers
4th Capriese Murray
5th Gerald Green
6th Jeffrey Scoot
7th Kirk Keffer
8th John Cowgill
9th Julio Rivera
10th Andre Scott
11th Terry Bradley
12th Roger Stewart
13th Mark Loy
14th Tyler Merrill
15th Jonathan Vorves
16th James Kooperman
16th Michael Cruthird
16th Michael Cambra
16th Rob Kailany
16th Laurence Rowe
1st Eric Otero Middleweight
2nd Johnny Stewart
3rd Kris Dim
4th Tito Raymond
5th Danny Hester
6th Joe Miller
7th Robert Farrow
8th Roger Zarate
9th Ron Norman
10th Dean Ogata
11th Jerry Noble
12th Randall Samuels
13th Paulo Mendes
1st Noel Thompson Lightweight
2nd Bertram Stiff
3rd Randy Jackson, Sr.
4th Rey Ronquilio
5th Sereuryth Leandre
6th Eddy Fequiere
7th Roland Aki
8th Ronn Vasques
9th Zaldy Mercado
10th Marco Margiotta
11th Anthony McCurty
12th Peter Fong
13th Thomas Crino
14th Alan Motooka
15th Marc Natividad
16th Randy Belton
16th Humberto Crespo
16th Leo Luna
16th Paul Sake
16th Jonathan Dumas
16th Preston Cannon
1st Shavis Higa Bantamweight
2nd Gary Passmore
3rd Lance Harano
4th Jerry Newcomb
5th Clifton Torres
6th Jim King
7th Casey Mitzel
8th Steve Kluger
9th Ricky Peoples
10th Alan Watari
11th Roman Velasquez, Jr.


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