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1999 NPC Junior Nationals Mens Championships - Contest Results Bodybuilding Contest Results Junior Nationals 1999

1999 NPC Junior Nationals Mens Championships - Contest Results
Place Athlete Class
1st Robert Washington - Overall Winner Super Heavyweight
2nd Mark Hanlon
3rd Mathew Sommers
4th Christopher Bennett
5th Shawn Warren
6th William Harse
7th Jarrod Gladney
8th Joseph Baglio
9th David Swander
10th Jack Osborne
11th David Romoser
1st Joshua Beach Heavyweight
2nd Robert Benavente
3rd Terence Hairston
4th Branch Warren
5th John Vanaman
6th Ali Matteau
7th Derrick Brown
8th Bill Straka
9th Curt Blair
10th Mike Harris
11th Jon Szubski
12th Jonathan Rowe
13th Mark Perry
14th Mark Loy
15th Jim Shnayder
16th James Lewis
17th Douglas Kutchman
18th Patrick Frantz
19th Chris David
20th John Duarte
21st Thomas Whorlefy, Jr.
22nd John Grant
1st Johnnie O. Jackson Light Heavyweight
2nd Frank Roberson
3rd John McKinney
4th Terry Bradley
5th Chris Simeone
6th David Becerril
7th Marion Benton
8th Keith Koppenhaver
9th Joel Delaney
10th Herculas Sakatos
11th James McGhee
12th Daniel Smith
1st Prince Fontenot Middleweight
2nd George Farah
3rd Tommy Brown
4th Todd Vignola
5th Chris Caudy
6th Bradley Stegman
7th John Petri
8th Errick Carter
9th Josh Todd
10th Derek Briigs
11th Pump Putman
12th Jason Cohen
13th Edward Mosely
14th Dale Pierce
1st Brett Campanella Lightweight
2nd Robbie Garcia
3rd Joseph Nasr
4th John Caraccio
5th Frank W. Troxel
6th Howard Steffensmeier
1st Shane Prichard
2nd Klaus Wittern
3rd Chris Burke
4th Charles Parker


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