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1998 NPC USA Men's Championships - Contest Results


1998 NPC USA Men's Championships - Contest Results
Place Athlete Class
1st Dennis James Super Heavyweight
2nd Melvin Anthony
3rd Orville Burke
4th Aaron Maddron
5th Dan Freeman
6th David Nelson
7th Erik Fromm
8th Justin Brooks
9th Leo Ingram
10th Leon Parker
11th Jack Wadsworth
12th William Harse
13th Kevin Sosamon
14th Brad Hollibaugh
1st Jason Arntz Heavyweight
2nd Tevita Aholelei
3rd Garrett Downing
4th Rodney Davis
5th John King
6th Joseph Carlton Jr.
7th Darrell Terrell
8th William Matlock
9th Rusty Jeffers
10th Shilbert Ferguson
11th Jospeh Patterson Jr.
12th Hans Hopstaken
13th Dan Fine
14th Joel Cutulle
15th Christopher Bennett
1st Troy Alves Light Heavyweight
2nd Robert Lopez
3rd Parenthesis Devers
4th Joe Hubbard
5th James Restivo
6th Andre Scott
7th Michael Cruthird
8th Charles Ray Arde
9th Darryl Holsey
10th Rommy Abdallah
11th Leonardo Pita
12th Samuel Jordan
13th Jon Vorves
14th Charles Lawson
15th Eric Dixon
16th David Coleman
1st Richard Longwith Middleweight
2nd Stephen Cantone
3rd Kevin Creeden
4th Paul Smith
5th Steve Williams
6th Ron Norman
7th Steve Dufrene
8th Craig Santiago
9th Tito Raymond
10th Kris Dim
11th Garrette Townsend
12th Mark Dugdale
13th Patrick Matsuda
14th Tommy Potenza
15th Jason Coates
16th Mike Cox
17th Randy Samuels
18th Bryant Samora
19th Nino Sicilliano
20th Arnold Watkins
1st Randy Jackson, Sr. Lightweight
2nd Rey Ronquilio
3rd Betram Stiff
4th James Allen
5th Lester Coacker
6th Randolph Belton
7th Alan Motooka
8th Tim Gardner
9th Larry Manuel
10th Anthony Duckwall
1st Randy Leppala Bantamweight
2nd Ronald Nurse
3rd Steve Gaver
4th Jonathan Hunt
5th Thomas Armstrong Jr.
6th Clifton Torres
7th Gary Passmore
8th Lance Harano
9th Jim King
10th Michael King
11th Steve Kluger
12th Paul Sake
13th John Ligsay Jr.
14th Paul Anloague
15th Anthony Lattimore
16th Mathew Alloy
17th Dusty Bush
18th Michael Smith


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