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1998 NPC National Men's Championships - Contest Results

1998 NPC National Men's Championships - Contest Results
Place Athlete Class
1st Orville Burke Super Heavyweight
2nd Aaron Maddron
3rd Stokely Palmer
4th Idrise Ward-El
5th Rico McClinton
6th Mat Duvall
7th Brandon Jensen
8th David Palumbo
9th Jeramy Freeman
10th Thomas Prata
11th Scott Klein
12th Chuck Nwodili
13th Justin Brooks
14th Scott Peters
15th Thomas Mike Harris
16th David Kalick
17th DeShante Coleman
1st Jason Arntz - Overall Winner! Heavyweight
2nd Chuck Sanow
3rd King Kamali
4th Tevita Aholelei
5th Rodney St. Cloud
6th Doug Wentz
7th Winston Williams
8th Augustus Carter
9th Pepi Feliu
10th Angelo Triantafilidis
11th Abbas Katami
12th George Turmon
13th Alan Chubbuck
14th Anthony Dodd
15th Jeff Gauthier
1st Darien Bond Light Heavyweight
2nd Parenthesis Devers
3rd Robert Russo
4th Fred Bigot
5th Craig Richardson
6th Vinnie Galanti
7th Arne List
8th Troy Alves
9th Scott Demers
10th Tee Jay Hewitt
11th Dwayne McDaniel
12th Greg Davis
13th Scott Shoemaker
14th Robert Lopez
15th Elvernie McGee
1st Kevin English Middleweight
2nd Eric Otero
3rd Warren Hames
4th Johnny Stewart
5th Robert Mason
6th Vladimir Senatus
7th Roger Stewart
8th Joe Lazzaro
9th Tommy Horne
10th Kris Dim
11th Richard Longwith
12th Jeff Scott
13th Terry Haynes
14th Darren Meade
15th Lenneth Payne
1st Roddy Gaubert Lightweight
2nd Franky DiCicco
3rd Derik Farnsworth
4th Robert Mesa
5th Al Escobar
6th Randy Jackson, Sr.
7th Noel Thompson
8th Michael Ryan
9th Corey Hajek
10th Rueben Dwyer
11th Troy Wilson
12th Carlen Charleston
13th Jonathan Ferreri
14th Terry Taylor
15th Joseph Justin
1st Earl Snyder Bantamweight
2nd Ricky Parks
3rd Marvin Ward
4th Gary Passmore
5th George Gibson
6th Steve Gaver
7th Johnny McKnight
8th Eric Yamashita
9th Clifton Torres
10th Peter Fong
11th Pasquale Grieco
12th Marco Margiotta
13th Joe Perea
14th Roland Aki
15th Danny Gutierrez


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