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1996 NPC USA Mens Championships - Contest Results

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1996 NPC USA Mens Championships - Contest Results
Place Athlete Place
1st Craig Titus Heavyweight
2nd Tom Prince
3rd Edgar Fletcher
4th Gerard Dente
5th Garrett Downing
6th Darry Thorton
7th David Palumbo
8th Ron Flowers
9th Jimmy Lee
10th Cortis Leffler
11th Leo Ingram
12th George Turmon
13th Greg Reid
14th John Cutri
15th Mark Natalie
1st Sylvestor Soloman Light Heavyweight
2nd Fred Bigot
3rd Parenthesis Devers
4th Henrik Thamasian
5th Danny Wiegand
6th Arman Peri
7th Vince Galanti
8th Troy Alves
9th Harold Chery
10th Herman Johnson
11th Darnell Dedrick
12th Winston William Jr.
13th Tab Hunter
14th Simpson Banister
15th Gary Kakuchi
1st Richard Williams Middlweight
2nd Mark Eldridge
3rd Danny Hester
4th Brian Dawson
5th Joe Fregenti
6th Craig Santiago
7th Eric Otero
8th Rene Endara
9th Benoti Carpenter
10th Michael Cambra
11th Al Mishi
12th Lenny Bartello
13th Michael Marki
14th Jim Walker
15th George Farah
16th Terrance McPeters
17th James Nathan
18th Maris Lee
1st Tom Doyle Lightweight
2nd Jay Crotty
3rd Ko Chandetka
4th John Taynor
5th Noel Thompson
6th Randy Jackson Jr.
7th Patrick Losey
8th Philip Bradfield
9th Mark SIlverd
10th Jerry Chow
11th William Coulter
12th Tony LaPolla
13th Julio Del Rio
14th Michael King
15th Rehan Jalali
16th Richard Weise
17th Robert Greene
1st Eric Yamashita Bantamweight
2nd Art De Cuna
3rd Sereiryth Lendre
4th Clifton Torres
5th Dominic Garcia
6th Ricky Peoples
7th Bob Willyerd
8th Ron Caloya
9th Al Leskys


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