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1992 NPC Junior Nationals Mens Championships - Contest Results Bodybuilding Contest Results Junior Nationals 1992

1992 NPC Junior Nationals Mens Championships - Contest Results
Place Athlete Class
1st Kenneth Castagnoli - Overall Winner! Heavyweight
2nd Dave Liberman
3rd John Wessinger
4th Douglas Wentz
5th Jonathan Brown
6th Dean McDavitt
7th Gary Ciszkowski
8th Gene Howell
9th Duke Hospodar
10th Chuck Nwodili
11th Lee Apperson
12th Matthew Cooke
13th Joseph Elliot
14th Paul Morin
15th Eric Allred
1st Arthur Fickling, Light Heavyweight
2nd Jack Harley
3rd Carlos Aldebot
4th Mark Natalli
5th Don Long
6th Jessie Lipoma
7th Edward Albert
8th Greg Davis
9th Michael McIllwain
10th Darryl James
11th Marc Troil
12th Rene Huntley
13th Craig Houston
14th Lenny Parracino
15th Tom Long
1st Robert Mello Middleweight
2nd Darien Bond
3rd Eric Otero
4th John Andrews
5th John Olivio
6th Kevin Couch
7th Daniel Bernstein
8th Thomas Fecteau
9th Mark Morini
10th Ronald Starrantino
11th Sam Segarra
12th David Hamlette
13th Steven Adams
14th Kevin Williams
15th Michael Marier
1st Johnny Stewart Lightweight
2nd John Clarke
3rd KeithLe Blanc
4th Rich Widmer
5th Morris Pruett
6th David Dash
7th Jimmy Momany
8th Michael Broadway
9th Robert Williams
10th James Jackson
11th Kenneth Phelps
12th Chris Thibodeaux
13th Richard Madama
14th Neman Dougan
15th Tom Doyle
1st Michael Yablon Bantamweight
2nd Paul Hendricks
3rd Daniel Wright
4th Gary Passmore
5th William Ingram
6th Gregory Retz
7th Bernice Bellamy
8th Dwayne Butler
9th Dominic Evangelista
10th Mark Brian Teasley
11th Kevin T. Reeves


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