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Weight Loss :: Healthy Eating Tips

by Dr. Robert Osgoodby

Hot dogs and beer, macaroni and potato salad and ... pot bellies. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, it's barbecue season - where the thrill of the grill can send your willpower up in smoke and shoot your diet down in flames. Or not. The choice is yours. Barbecue mean different things to different people and while some see hamburgers, hotdogs and sizzling steaks on the grill, nutritionists see fish, chicken and vegetables.

Just because something is called a salad, doesn't mean it's good for you. Coleslaw, macaroni salad and potato salad usually contain a large amount of mayonnaise which is high in fat and calories. One way to lighten the load is to dress these types of salads with light mayonnaise and yogurt. Bulk things up by adding celery, onions, and hard-boiled egg.

If you must have red meat, throw a flank or skirt steak on the grill instead of the usual fatty chuck steak. Marinate it in low-fat dressing or barbecue sauce, and slice thinly. Some other great tasting healthy foods for the grill are fish, shrimp, zucchini and portobello mushrooms.

Pass up fatty munchies, particularly peanuts, chips and dips. Instead, fill up at the fruit and vegetable platters. Avoid having more than two glasses of wine or light beer, and trade the ice cream for fruit or sorbet.

Granted, when someone else is throwing the party, you have less control over the menu. In that case, make sure you do not arrive starving. A piece of fruit beforehand will take the edge off your hunger and make it easier not to eat everything in sight. Since it's not polite to show up at a party empty handed, bring something healthy like a fruit or garden salad with low fat dressing.

One hotdog, one-third of a sausage, and one-quarter cup of macaroni salad is approximately 530 calories. For the same caloric bang for your buck you can have eight barbecued shrimp, two portobello mushrooms, six asparagus spears, an ear of corn, a baked potato (hold the butter and sour cream) and two slices of watermelon - more food than most people can eat at one sitting.

Bring a football, basketball, Frisbee or a baseball and a few gloves to your next event. You'll be the hit of the party with the kids and week-end arm chair athletes.

If you follow these healthy eating tips, your bathing suit won't be any tighter than the day before.

Take Care,

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