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New Government Guidlines On Fruit and Vegetable Daily Servings Articles Database Articles by Writer Presents: Articles by New Government Guidlines On Fruit and Vegetable Daily Servings

New Government Guidlines On Fruit and Vegetable Daily Servings

by James Groves

This the third health tip in a series about simple, easy to follow steps to improving health. Take each small step I give you and turn it into a habit, just like combing your hair or brushing your teeth.

Your mom was right, vegetables are good for you. The new government guidelines now suggest 7 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day not just four or five. It is through these servings that we take in fiber. The foods highest in fiber include peas, apples, pears, and pinto beans.

Fruits and vegetables also contain immune-boosting phyto- chemicals including antioxidants, which boost your immune system and promote good health.

Here are some ideas to help you increase your intake of fruits and vegetables each day. Add a green salad to your dinner meal every day. Add an assortment of vegetables to this salad such as carrots, red cabbage, radishes, cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts, peppers, whatever you can find that is in season.

Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. If you don't have the time to cook only fresh vegetables, then buy frozen bags and don't overcook them. Try to avoid canned vegetables because 60% of the vitamin C content is lost during the blanching process, a process that takes place before vegetables are canned. And only 6% of vitamin C is left in canned peas by the time you serve them to your family.

I suggest that you either purchase organically grown fruits and vegetables or use a special rinse product called Healthy Harvest Fruit & Vegetable Rinse, available at most health food stores. This special rinse helps to protect your family from pesticides used on most fruits and vegetables.

Encourage all of your family members to snack on raw vegetables and fresh fruit rather than cookies or a sweet snack. Add fruit to breakfast cereal or oatmeal. Offer fruit smoothies for breakfast or add fruit to yogurt. Send fruit and raw vegetables in your children's lunches and offer these as dessert rather than ice cream or pie. Keep offering and eventually everyone in the family will be enjoying the benefits of fresh fruit and raw vegetables.

These health tips can only be found in on this site and in the Body Transformation Newsletter. (Sign up today, here on the website). Join me next month and I'll talk about sugar substitutes.

Live in Passion and Good Health,
James Groves

Take Care,

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