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Radio Show: Pro Bodybuilding Weekly
June 21, 2005

  • For the first time in history, bodybuilding fans from around the world can tune into talk radio devoted exclusively to the sport of professional bodybuilding & fitness. Professional Bodybuilding has reached new levels of popularity and "Pro Bodybuilding Weekly" will deliver the most current and cutting-edge coverage of all the hardcore action that surrounds the world of pro bodybuilding! Executive Producer Dan Solomon has teamed up with the VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel to produce "Pro Bodybuilding Weekly". Bob Cicherillo, current Athlete's Rep of the IFBB, is also a co-host. Listeners will be treated to a format that includes live interviews with the biggest stars in bodybuilding along with event coverage and insight from selected industry personalities and fitness celebrities - presented by title sponsor Tune in for the live broadcast every Monday at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific). Missed the live show? Past episodes are available when you are - On Demand!

    Fitness Legends Shawn Ray & Monica Brant 6-20-05

    Hosts Dan Solomon & Bob Cicherillo welcome fitness legends Shawn Ray and Monica Brant as bodybuilding talk radio heats up. Shawn will share his thoughts on various issues surrounding the world of pro bodybuilding. Monica, who is currently on the cover of Oxygen Magazine, will discuss the growing popularity of Women's Professional Figure competition. Talk Radio for Bodybuilding Fans has arrived!

    Inaugural Guest Dexter Jackson 6-13-05

    The inaugural episode of "Pro Bodybuilding Weekly" will feature an exclusive live conversation with 2005 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Champion Dexter Jackson. Dexter will tackle several issues, including his surprising plans for the upcoming Mr. Olympia contest. Hosts Dan Solomon & Bob Cicherillo will also be joined by insiders from around professional bodybuilding as the sport welcomes talk radio for the first time!

    Upcoming Episode

    The third episode will feature speciial guest King Kamali! In the last episode, hosts Dan Solomon & Bob Cicherillo welcomed Shawn Ray to the show. Shawn covered a number of topics, including his thoughts on King Kamali. At one point in the interview, Shawn used the words "one hit wonder" to describe Kamali's professional career. In the next show, Dan & Bob will be joined by Kamali for an "anything goes" conversation. Tune in on Monday, June 27th at 8pm est (5pm pst) for a worldwide audience

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