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Rich Minzer and Paul Grymkowski are starting 365 Fitness Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles & Interviews from Rich Minzer and Paul Grymkowski are starting 365 Fitness

Rich Minzer and Paul Grymkowski are starting 365 Fitness
June 17, 2005

  • Industry veterans, Rich Minzer and Paul Grymkowski, who for many years directed the development of Gold's Gym International, are launching a new fitness concept, 365 Fitness. Grymkowski and Minzer plan to license co-ed fitness facilities, 8,000 sq. ft. and larger.

    365 Fitness is launching a new fitness concept co-founded by Paul Grymkowski and Rich Minzer formerly of Gold's Gym. 365 Fitness will license co-ed fitness facilities 8,000 square feet and larger, furnished with state of the art fitness equipment, cardio equipment and express 30 minute workouts. Paul and Rich's background as the original driving force behind the creation, development and success of Gold's Gym's licensing program lends itself to the future success of 365 Fitness.

    365 Fitness will help provide the finest service and support to the licensees worldwide by creating the largest network of recommended vendors, brand name quality merchandise and a cost effective advertising program that will benefit the licensees directly. In the future there will only be two corporately owned facilities located in the Los Angeles and New York markets. It's time to do it again with the best names in the business; the future of the fitness industry is 365 Fitness.

    For further information, check out or call Rich Minzer or Paul Grymkowski at: 1-800-955-4365. Or e-mail Paul at (c/o BDPR, Inc., P.O. Box 281, Topanga, CA 90290). Or email Rich at (c/o BDPR, Inc., 13904 Fiji Way, Suite 242, Marina del Rey, CA 90292)

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