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NPC Junior California - June 25th, 2005 - Pasadena Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler and Timea Majorova will guest pose Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles & Interviews from NPC Junior California - June 25th, 2005 - Pasadena Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler and Timea Majorova will guest pose

NPC Junior California - June 25th, 2005 - Pasadena
Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler and Timea Majorova will guest pose

June 9, 2005

  • On June 25th, the NPC Junior California bodybuilding and figure championships will be held at Sexson Auditorium on the campus of Pasadena City College (1570 East Colorado Blvd). Highlighting the Lonnie Teper produced event will be the appearance of the two best bodybuilders in the world. 7-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, and 3-time Arnold Classic champion Jay Cutler will be facing off in Pasadena in a repeat of their Olympia battles in recent years. Coleman is making his first ever guest posing appearance in Southern California; Cutler was Teper's featured guest poser the last two years.

    Ronnie Coleman & Jay Cutler

    Ronnie Coleman & Jay Cutler

    Also performing a fitness routine will be the beautiful Timea Majorova. I talked with Lonnie recently about his long running event.

    • You must have been pretty excited getting Ronnie Coleman to guest pose at your contest?

        Yes, especially since he has never appeared as a guest poser in this area before. Jay has guest posed the last two years, so I approached Ronnie about performing this year. When I told Jay Ronnie had agreed to do the contest, Jay offered to pose anyway. I told him I wanted to ask Ronnie first, that I didn't want to possibly steal his thunder, but Ronnie said "No, I like Jay… have him come, it wil be fun!" So I ended up having the two best bodybuilders in the world at the Junior California.

    • Is their room on the stage for the both of them?

        Well, the real question is there is room on the stage for the three of us, because I will be up their at the podium. The auditorium holds 2,000, so there will be plenty of great seats for everybody. It is open seating so the earlier you get there, the better seats you can get. First come, first serve. Of course, any IFBB pro is comped.

    • Even Milos Sarcev, who was upset he didn't get comped at the NY show two weeks ago?

        Milos? Well… just kidding, of course he is welcome. But I have twice as many seats available than Steve Weinburger (promoter of NY Show) had. Any IFBB pro, male or female, is always comped at my contest.

    • And you will be the mc of the show.

        Yes, of course. Who do you think I should get?

    • How about Shawn Ray?

        Does he mc bodybuilding contest? When did that start? Well, Shawn keeps telling me how terrible it is that my contest doesn't have a "celebrity" mc. I am assuming he must know of one, although for the life of me, I can't imagine who it would be, based on my 20 years of experience mc'ing contests in the industry. So I guess the crowd will have to put up with me again. Besides, I have got to keep my costs down; and I can't afford Jay Leno.

    • How about some interesting skits on stage like in the past?

        You know, it would be fun to do a skit with Jay, Ronnie, Lee Priest and Timea. At this point, nothing has been talked about, but its not like I have put in weeks of practice time with previous skits, so you never know. Wouldn't it be exciting to see Ronnie, Jay and Lee dancing to a Saturday Night Fever routine? Who do you think has the best rhythm of the three?

    • Well, Lee Priest moved pretty well when he danced with you and Timea to "Who Let the Dogs Out" a few years ago. Hmmm… now back to the guest posing. I would like to see Jay coming in from one side, and Ronnie from the other. They would meet in the center, and face off, giving each other their best "Lets get it on" face.

        Well, between the two of them, they weigh over 600 pounds, so I may suggest it to them, but if they don't want to do it, I am not going to argue with them. But I will be sure to pass along your suggestion. Say Ron, you want to be my co-promoter for next year. How about a check for $5,000 to get the ball rolling?

    • Well, L.T., that is a little out of my budget, but you can count on me to take lots of interesting pictures, and help pass out your contest T-shirts, and samples. What time is prejudging and the finals?

        Prejudging is at 11am, and the finals are at 6:30pm. There is plenty of parking in the school's parking lot, although it may cost a dollar during the day. At night, it is free to park. There is also plenty of parking on the streets.

    • You always have the lowest ticket prices in town. Any changes for this year?

        No, the finals are still $25, will college students getting in for $20. Prejudging is $15, but there is a special combo price of $35 if you purchase both tickets together. If you have any question, email me at, or leave a message at (626) 403-1232.

    • What's really fun about your contest is that everybody goes into old town Pasadena after the contest to eat? What are the plans this year?

        I hope to have the Buca Di Pepe restaurant reserved a room for us; it is great to have competitors, fans, and the stars get together and mingle.

    • Besides, I hear that you are buying.

        Yep… with your credit card.

    Sincerely, Articles & Interviews

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